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Outsourcing will help start ups maximize their software budgets

We not only understand and deliver the functional needs of our customers but also think creatively and go the extra mile in providing them highly usable, widely reachable, easily manageable applications.

When you are starting from scratch to build an idea or a business then every dollar counts and as a business manager you are constantly looking for ways to squeeze out the best value for your money.

In this day and age everything requires software – be it from a simple website, to an online eCommerce store, to a mobile app and social media integration to bespoke specialised embedded design.  How you design and develop this phase of the project can radically alter the overall cost.

Complex skilled design and detailed specification of usually best kept “at home” close to the project, where the key knowledge is, but the development, maintenance and support of the project can be out sourced – indeed this is the normal routine.

According to me, outsourcing is one of the ways to optimize efficiency but there is a good possibility of doing potential mistakes in the process that can damage your efforts including killing your start up. Here is a list of jobs that can be definitely outsourced to remote development centres which are not mission critical or need any great creative thinking.

Job Type What should not be outsourced What should be outsourced
Product Development
  • Product Idea and Design
  • Product core architecture
  • Product non-core software Development
  • Product testing especially automated testing scenarios
  • Product user interface design and prototype
Web Application Development
  • Application Architecture
  • Business Case building
  • Business logic and rules
  • Application prototyping
  • Application development
  • User interface developmentApplication testing
Mobile application development
  • Mobile app strategy
  • Mobile application development (native application development or development using Titanium Appcelerator or Phone Gap or HTML5)
Graphic Design
  • Website design templates especially if they have got something to do with local culture
  • HTML development
  • Implementing javascript, JQuery, CSS etc
Online Marketing
  • Online Marketing Strategy
  • Keyword research
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • SEO link building
  • Social Media marketing

Outsourcing has numerous advantages:

  • Build Scalable teams and infrastructure
  • Instant access to skilled expertise and technologies
  • Reduced operational and Recruitment costs
  • Work within tight budgets and funding
  • Increase your productivity and efficiency
  • Helps you to focus on your core business
Study – the Remote Doctor
A one man start-up company wanted a web enabled application that would communicate with remote clinicians, synchronise pseudo real-time medical data and maintain patient records in multiple time zones.
The project was out sourced to Etisbew who project managed it from the UK and developed the whole project using its global resources on budget and on time. The overall price was ½ that of other quotes the company had received.
Study – Online Brand Protection Suite
Our client in protecting brand integrity wanted to develop an online version that would help their customers with reduced online brand and copyright abuse. The system needed to check particular brand / product data online, automatically check for unauthorized usage of images using image comparison systems and report / eliminate brand abuse.
Etisbew needed to quickly put together a high technology research team to work with the US based architects who controlled the overall product development.
The end result was a successful product delivered and ultimately the client was acquired for $17 million.

We like to call it Right-Sourcing
Right-sourcing gives any business or entrepreneur immediate access to the best global expertise for their project. ETG has offices in the US, UK, Middle East and India offering different skills and experience. Wherever possible expertise is pulled from which ever resource best fits the client’s requirement.

For more details on how Outsourcing can specifically benefit you or if you wish to get a free consultation from our Outsourcing experts, you may contact Jason Grant on 1-732-917-4992 or email me on Jason.grant@etisbew.com


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