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Neither Etisbew Technology Group Inc. nor any person assigned an email address ending in etisbew.com sends unsolicited emails. If you have received emails purporting to be from an account on the domain “etisbew.com” that advertise prescription drugs, pornography, financial or mortgage advice or offers, or any e-commerce offering like selling of items from Amazon, etc or shipping any items by FedEx or any couriers or anything else that you did not ask for, please be assured it was not sent from any of our legitimate email account holders nor processed through our mail servers.
We despise SPAM, in which unsolicited emails are sent out, usually under false email aliases, by the dozens – and often by the hundreds or thousands. We do our best to monitor the security and integrity of our mail servers, but in a free society with an open Internet there is only so much that we can do.

If you believe you are actually receiving SPAM from us, or if you want to learn more about how to tell if an email is really from us or not, click here.

Thanks for your understanding!

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